Biblical World View

equipping students with a faithful, Christ-centred, transformed worldview that informs all of life



Everyone has a worldview, a way of seeing and understanding the world. Our worldview profoundly impacts all of life, including education. At Illawarra Christian School we seek to provide an education informed by God’s word.


We express the purpose of learning as leading students to understand themselves, their fellow humans and the world – all in relation to God.


A scripturally-based approach to education introduces students to:

  • the goodness of God’s creation;
  • the radical distortion in every dimension of life caused by human rebellion;
  • and the renewal of all of life in the birth, life, death, resurrection and coming again of Jesus.

In his resurrection and victory over death, Christ offers the opportunity for transformation and establishes his Kingdom (his rule on earth and in heaven). The invitation has been given to become followers of Jesus and to join in being transforming agents of the Kingdom.


Colossians 1:15 highlights two core truths.

  1. All things in the world belong to and are upheld by Christ.
  2. At the centre of all things, including education, is Christ. 

As we seek to explore Christ at the centre of all things, we have adopted the following schema:

  • Creation. God in Christ has created all things. He is the sovereign creator, setting up humankind for a loving, responsive relationship with himself.
  • Fall. All things have fallen as a result of sin. There is a distance and fracture.
  • Redemption. Christ came to earth to redeem all things. The relationship can be re-established
  • Renewal. In response to Christ’s act we are called to work in partnership with God as all things are renewed. We can be part of the renewed relationship


Christian education aims to instruct the mind, shape the heart and equip the hands. Growing in wisdom and character requires well-rounded, whole of life formation – growth that is intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.


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