Integrated Learning Technologies

learning in and for the  21st century


Learning technologies are the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching and assessment. They foster the skills required by the 21st century learner to successfully respond to a rapidly changing workplace and world. 

The integration of these learning technologies is driven by the underlying pedagogical focus of the school as outlined in this document. This would naturally include:

  • using a model that integrates technology in a way that redefines and modifies tasks in order to engage     
  • higher-order thinking, as compared to basic substitutions or augmentations
  • actively using online tools to enhance collaboration beyond the confines of the classroom
  • ​the use of learning management systems to give anytime/anywhere access to learning content
  • ​using technology to allow multiple pathways through learning content
  • ​actively using technology-based communication tools to enhance student learning
  • ​using technology-based tools for teacher, student, self and peer assessment


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