Police Liaison Visit

14th August 2017

Dear Parents/Carers
We are pleased to announce that on Monday (14th), we are welcoming Senior Constable Sian Popp from the Wollongong Local Area Command to speak to our students from years 7 to 10.
It is the role of the School Police Liaison Officer to visit all schools in the local area and speak to students about the latest trends, issues and important information surrounding the law regarding social media.
This includes participation in text messages, snap chat, and other social media outlets that can present potential dangers or misuse.
It is important for our young people to be aware of these issues in order to make informed and wise choices, not only for themselves, but in caring for those around them.
Constable Popp will present a short half hour session of information to each year group. It is a blessing to be able to partner with our community in this way.
Hearing this information will also provide a wonderful springboard for pastoral care teachers to continue these discussions in light of God's word and to help shape our biblical worldview
surrounding the use of this type of technology.
You are encouraged to continue the conversation with your child and pray that it would be an informative and positive time. Thank you for your partnership with us, also. 


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