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P-4 foundations & GROWTH


Prep and Kindergarten - the years that provide a firm foundation for learning

Prep and Kindergarten provide the foundations and a great start for our students. From these years, our students grow in confidence and in the skills, that are vital for success at school. The learning environments for these two groups are conveniently located next to each other.

Participation in our Prep classes ensures our students have the very best start for Kindergarten and a wonderful introduction to Christian Education

To assist children with transition into Kindergarten, we have a programme of 'getting ready for school' activities that begin in November prior to commencement of Kindergarten. We support families with handbooks, links to online support materials and 'Getting Started' information that will help ease your child into life as a Kindergarten student.

The programme in Kindergarten focuses most of a student's time on the acquisition of key literacy and numeracy knowledge, along with the development of foundational learning competencies and vital social skills. The rest of the week is devoted to learning about God, the development of creativity and relationship through play and exploration and an introduction to the key learning areas (Science and Technology, Creative Arts, Human Society & Its Environment, Personal Development, Health & Physical Education) that will become increasingly important when a student progresses onto Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2).

A new learning environment to support our P-4 community

P-4 classes are located within close proximity of each other, so lots of combined activities can take place in the Studio building, including regular activities like Devotions, Art, Drama, Dance, Fitness, Science and HSIE as well as exciting days like Dr Suess Day.

K-2 classrooms enjoy flow through access enabling team teaching, flexibility and catering to individuals needs and abilities. Students also benefit from relationships between different classes, sharing of skills and abilities as they learn together.

A Focus on Literacy and Numeracy in P-4

We have been part of a significant AIS funded project called the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan (Lana), allowing us to focus on building and strengthening whole school approaches to literacy and Numeracy, leading to improved student outcomes.

Our P-4 students are growing into confident, engaged and skilled learners - ready to take on the challenges of Years 5-8.