Personal Development & Welfare


nurturing students in a safe, secure learning environment


At Illawarra Christian School we seek to partner with parents in equipping young people to serve and honour God. We believe that an environment where biblical truths are placed at the core of the way  we function will create the most effective learning environment. Daily devotions and the curriculum developed from a Christian worldview allow students the opportunity to engage with contemporary culture in the light of biblical truth.


Accountability, guidance and correction are integral to the way we seek to disciple students, equipping them to serve God and others through appropriate attitudes and actions. Students are encouraged to demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers and teachers, whilst staff seek to ensure a firm, fair and friendly approach toward discipline as they train students in godly wisdom.


Illawarra Christian School is committed to the provision of a safe, secure and well-managed learning environment. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop their interests, skills and knowledge in a community where their social and emotional well-being is nurtured. Programs focusing on resilience, self-esteem, teamwork, leadership, organisation and positive peer interactions are integrated into the pastoral care curriculum to enable students to mature in their Christian character.


The core of our pastoral care curriculum aims to equip students to use their abilities, time and resources to serve God, their school and the wider community. This is achieved through classroom learning and service experience.  

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