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5-8 COLLABORATION & experimentation



Transition between the various phases of schooling is becoming easier for our students with the new structure

We have introduced orientation activities for Years 5 and 6 that ensure the movement from the core teacher structure to the multiple - teacher model of secondary years as it is easier for our students to navigate.

For students and teachers in Years 5-8, we are moving forward into a new era of teaching and learning utilizing the concepts of Collaboration and Experimentation as key drivers. The potential of new ways of approaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, access to digital technology, increased use of specialist staff and the introduction of project based learning is changing the way students and staff are engaging with learning in this section of the school.

The students are now located in the secondary section of the site, which enables access to a wide range of secondary specialist resources and spaces. With a team of teachers specifically working on developing a unique learning experience for Years 5-8, now more than ever, is an exciting time to be a part of our school.

How does collaboration and experimentation translate into learning?

Cross-grade collaboration is about learning together, pooling knowledge, putting forward solutions and eventually reaching a learning outcome. Pi Day was example of this.

Experimentation is facilitated by group discussions, brainstorming and cross-referencing, testing, journaling and prototyping ideas and eventually finding solutions to challenges. Experimentation was evident when:

  • Students in Year 8 Science experimented on representing the size of our solar system on the school oval,  
  • Music Students putting together a music and rap presentation,
  • Years 5/6 making a small class business, developing ways to save costs and maximise profits.