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9-12 TRANSITION, specialisation &



Electives enable students to begin considering individual strengths and areas of interest, which can lead to specialisation over the four years.


When students first begin Year 9, the most obvious change in their schooling is their participation in elective subjects. These are subjects that they have personally chosen, are tailored to both their needs and interests.

It is imperative students begin thinking about their futures beyond school. As such, Year 9 can be seen as the stepping-stone into the senior years. These students are at a stage in their schooling where what they do in the day matters, and the introduction of Rosa (Record of School Achievement) in 2013 reinforced this transition point. RoSA tracks a student's grades as they are awarded from Years 9-11 in all subjects. This provides students with a great opportunity to work consistently and conscientiously towards the final outcome of their senior years of schooling.