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Membership allows you to have your say in the governance of our School. To join, simply complete the Association Membership form on this page and return it to the Illawarra Christian Education Business Centre.
What is the Association?

Illawarra Christian School is operated by Illawarra Christian Education.

The Association is primarily made up of Christian men and women from our school community and of all the schools operated by Illawarra Christian Education.

The Association is a group of like-minded Christian people who have joined together to ensure that their goals of providing Christian Education are met.  When the Association meets together, it is the prime decision making body of the school.  As an incorporated body it is bound by relevant State and federal laws and by any internal rules it imposes upon itself. The Constitution, particularly the Educational Creed, provides the framework for the operation of the Association and its members.

The Association, which elects the Board, may:

  • Develop and approve policy
  • Take recommendations to the Board
  • Seek explanations of Board directions
  • Direct the Board

Decisions are arrived at by a majority vote of financial members.

Members of the Association have a responsibility to act in Christ-like manner towards one another.  They should give due consideration to the well-being of the whole community.  Members ought always to pursue right relationships with one another.  The framework for dealing with any issue of concern is set out in the Resolution of Issues Policy.

Christian families wishing to join the Association can do so by completing this form and email to or mail to PO Box 80, Albion Park NSW 2527

To see how the association fits into the model of governance for the school click here.

Purpose of the School Association

When does the Association meet?

The Association currently meets once per term, including the AGM, held in Term 2. Associate Members and other interested people are welcomed and encouraged to attend the meetings but are ineligible to vote or appoint a proxy.

2021 Association Meeting Dates

Term 1, March 11 – General Meeting – online via Zoom, 7.30-9.30pm

Term 2, May 27 – Annual General Meeting – Calderwood Christian School, 7.30-9.30pm

Term 3, August 26 – General Meeting – Illawarra Christian School, 7.30-9.30pm

Term 4, November 4 – General Meeting – Calderwood Christian School, 7.30-9.30pm


Communication from the Association to the school community or vice versa is facilitated by the Board Secretary, Mr Evan Loats.

How do I become an Association member?

To enquire about becoming an Associate Member, or to progress your Associate Membership to Full Membership, fill out the relevant form on the right hand side of this page and return it to the Illawarra Christian Education Business Centre.

PO Box 80
Albion Park 2527

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