Parent Engagement

Become part of it all

It's always nice to be involved. We have plenty of things to be involved with, many ways to help out and lots of great people to do it with.
Parent Engagement

We're in this together.

At Illawarra Christian School, we aim for genuine partnership, where parents share the mission and vision of the school, support school policies, contribute to building school community and culture, and actively seek to promote the school in the wider community. We encourage all parents to be involved actively in the life of the school.

Here are some ways you might consider getting involved.

Make friends

We encourage families to join in the social networks within their child’s year group. Forming friendships with other families in the school community is a key way for families to support each other throughout the school journey.

Come along

We love to see parents, grandparents and friends at our special events throughout the year as well as at our regular assemblies each week. Throughout the year we run workshops, information sessions and events which aim to inform and educate families about important issues relating to children's learning and development.


Support the School by serving as a volunteer - either within the classroom or libraries, on the sporting field, around the grounds, or by joining us out in the community. We love to have parents and grandparents involved in School life and are always keen to hear your ideas.

Get involved

Come along to Association meetings and learn more about what is going on for the School. Join the ICS Committee and have a role in fundraising activities and community events.

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