Walking alongside our Year 12 students in their final year.
Looking after our students

Year 12 Mentor Program

The mentor program at Illawarra Christian School is designed to give particular support and care to our Year 12 students as they face the challenges of their final school year.

Year 12 students each have a mentor (a member of the staff team) with whom they meet weekly. This is an opportunity for the student to be offered support, encouragement and advice, and to be held accountable for study efforts. The mentor assists the student to find a healthy balance between schoolwork and other activities, giving guidance in the allocation of time for study, other school activities, church, social activities, personal devotions, exercise, sport, hobbies and work.

Relationships between mentors and students are warm and positive, and they very often continue after students have left school. Mentors show genuine care for their students and pray for them regularly.

In this exciting and challenging year, students are encouraged to be diligent stewards of the gifts God has given them and to commit their learning to God as they grow in their understanding of how they can serve him in all things.

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