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Our Christian Faith

At Illawarra Christian School, one of our distinctives is that our staff are all people who are convinced of the truth of the Bible—that Jesus Christ is Lord—and who live and teach out of this core conviction.
A biblical worldview

Everyone has a worldview—that is, a set of assumptions about life which we use as a basis for how we understand the world around us and what happens within it.

Our worldview might not even be something we are consciously aware of, but it informs everything that we do.

At Illawarra Christian School, one of our distinctives is that our staff are all people who are convinced of the truth of the Bible—that Jesus Christ is Lord—and who live and teach out of this core conviction. This means that they hold a “biblical” worldview, and that as a school we work hard to show our students, throughout their education, how approaching the world from this standpoint makes sense of the world around us, and our place in it.

A biblical worldview is particularly suited to the educational task, because of the truths it teaches us about the world, people and grace:

  1. Firstly, a biblical worldview begins with the truth that we can know God’s world. There is such a thing as the truth, and people are able to know it. A biblical worldview holds that the universe reflects the character of God: ordered, coherent and meaningful, not chaotic and unknowable. We believe that without a worldview that acknowledges truth, order and meaning, it is impossible to undertake the task of education.
  2. Secondly, a biblical worldview includes truths about what people are fundamentally like. Our school is a community where every individual is precious and worthy of respect and care—not because of their skills, their personality, or their hard work, but purely because they are made in the image of God. Likewise, our biblical worldview gives us a framework to understand each other’s inevitable brokenness and flaws—being neither shocked nor surprised by them, while still understanding their seriousness and impact. The best education begins with acknowledging the reality of the world and of what people are like, and growing from that foundation.
  3. Finally, a biblical worldview incorporates the beauty of grace. The Bible teaches us that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God has provided a way for imperfect people to be saved and renewed. A biblical understanding of the world sees the possibility for growth, repentance, change and maturity in everyone. What a fantastic framework for school life!

Structured activities

Our Christian beliefs are integrated into everything we do at Illawarra Christian School, from our curriculum and lesson plans, through our pastoral care programs, leadership development and approach to discipline.

In addition, our students participate in:

Biblical Studies (Prep to Year 12) In class time, students follow a structured program which introduces them to the cohesive story of the Bible, in an age-appropriate setting. Older students will grapple with the implications of biblical theology and ethics. We aim for all our students to understand the message of the Christian gospel, and to be able to clearly articulate their own response to it.

Pastoral Care program (K-12) This daily program includes a devotions time. Students have the opportunity to pray with and for each other and to share the challenges of life together with their class teacher (K-6) or Pastoral Care teacher (7-12).

Student-led Bible studies (7-12) Optional lunch time groups give students the chance to read the Bible and wrestle with its implications, together with their peers.

“I've been impressed with the way the school communicates expectations clearly, follows through on pastoral concerns and encourages high standards of effort and behaviour from its students. I like the way that this school works to encourage its students to be actively involved in the local community, through serving in various ways and through local sporting clubs. It's exciting to be part of a school that is obviously growing, because it's doing great things.”
Roger Fitzhardinge, current parent

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