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Our Strategic

Illawarra Christian School strives to be a dynamic Christ-centred learning community where students are nurtured to be curious, courageous and compassionate life-long learners, transforming the communities in which they live.
Our Strategic Vision

Our Five Pillars

The five pillars of our Strategic Vision set out a road map for the path we will take over the next five years to achieve this goal.

Biblical Foundation


This means that we want:

  • a Christian worldview to be foundational to all aspects of our school life
  • to ensure every student hears and understands the gospel
  • each student to be able to articulate their individual response to the Christian message
  • to support and equip Christian students to defend and proclaim their faith
  • to value all children as God's image-bearers and to nurture them to be strong and resilient

Strategic Partnerships


This means we will seek to:

  • increase parent engagement in the life of the school
  • foster a positive parent community who actively refer their friends and neighbours
  • strengthen relationships with local churches
  • develop effective partnerships with other schools and organisations
  • establish frequent, fervent prayer for the property and staff

Teaching & Learning


Our commitment to quality teaching and learning means we seek to:

  • attract, develop and retain dedicated, highly effective Christian staff
  • develop innovative and well rounded thinkers and learners
  • challenge every student according to his or her academic potential and show evidence of academic progression
  • strengthen our teaching and learning practice by fostering a collaborative teaching and learning culture with a whole-school approach to pedagogy
  • encourage research and evidence-based teaching practices in all classrooms
  • ensure there are strong connections between programming, teaching and learning practices, assessment and reporting

Leadership & Governance


In this area we aim to:

  • foster a culture where the Principal and other leaders are united, passionate and explicit about their improvement agenda
  • foster a strong collegial culture of mutual trust and support between staff and school leadership
  • ensure all levels of governance are committed to embodying the Christian foundations of the school
  • ensure that appropriate governance and processes are in place to support the delivery of high quality outcomes

Resourcing & Sustainability


In order to prepare well for the future, we plan to:

  • renew and expand the school site in line with the master plan - optimising its physical structures and creating attractive, inspiring and flexible learning spaces
  • equip staff with excellent resources, including technology, that have been fully integrated into the learning environment.
“I've been impressed with the way the school communicates expectations clearly, follows through on pastoral concerns and encourages high standards of effort and behaviour from its students. I like the way that this school works to encourage its students to be actively involved in the local community, through serving in various ways and through local sporting clubs. It's exciting to be part of a school that is obviously growing, because it's doing great things.”
Roger Fitzhardinge, current parent

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