Extra Opportunities

There's something for everyone.

From camps, competitions, cultural exchanges, Duke of Ed and da Vinci Decathlon, to fundraising, Future Problem Solving, musicals and more. You name it, we've probably got it.

Students can get involved in the following:


Our camping program from Year 6 to Year 11 fosters growing relationships between students (and their teachers) as they explore God’s amazing world.

Whether exploring their own backyard as they race around the Illawarra, going glamping on Sydney Harbour, uncovering our country's history and government in Canberra, or overcoming obstacles and fears as they abseil down a cliff, all our camping activities are designed to help students grow in their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and develop an appreciation of their peers as they work together.


We provide many opportunities for our students to be motivated and challenged in local, state and national competitions, including in English, Maths and Science, as well as History, creative writing, public speaking and more.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange programs at Illawarra Christian School enable students to participate in unique experiences that broaden their perspectives on the diverse communities in our world. Our students build relationships with and develop new understanding of others who are different to themselves.

We also regularly host students from a range of schools across Japan. There is plenty of fun and laughter as our students learn about Japanese games and customs from our guests. Our visitors from Japan enjoy practising their English, trying popular Australian foods and sightseeing with their host families.

Duke of Ed

Students from Year 9 up are invited to join our thriving Duke of Ed program, which facilitates personal growth and the development of initiative and leadership ability. Each student is encouraged to engage in activities which suit their individual needs and require perseverance, effort and growth in the areas of physical recreation, service and skill development. Adventurous journeys involve a different outdoor experience at each level of the award, from hiking to canoeing to navigating the urban landscape. Illawarra Christian School has students enrolled in all three levels of the award.

Da Vinci Decathlon

Illawarra Christian School is a co-host of the Illawarra Regional da Vinci Decathlon, and regularly sends winning regional teams to compete at State level with outstanding results. The da Vinci Decathlon is a ten-event, academic gala day engaging students in higher-order thinking skills across a range of disciplines. Students require perseverance and determination to complete the challenging tasks in this event. They work cooperatively in teams and develop their skills in organisation, patience and time management. The Decathlon allows highly able students to be extended beyond the usual curriculum outcomes and grade expectations, stretching the upper limits of their capabilities in a supportive and enjoyable environment.


Our students have plenty of opportunities during the year to participate in fundraising for various causes. Senior students enjoy the chance to lead the school in showing enthusiasm and support for our fundraising days and in brainstorming new and interesting ways to be involved in serving both our local community and communities further afield.

Future Problem Solving

Students with excellent lateral thinking skills may stretch their problem-solving muscles in either the Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) or Community Problem Solving (CmPS) programs. Both competitions encourage creative problem solving and the opportunity for students to use their talents to look beyond themselves and to consider ways they might serve others. Illawarra Christian School has had considerable success in this program - having been invited to both National and International Championships and winning awards at the highest level.


Musicals are a whole-school affair at ICS! There's something for everyone from set design and production, lighting, costume and makeup right through to orchestra, ensemble and solo parts. A recent school production of Seussical gave students the opportunity to perform at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. For more music-related opportunities, visit our Music page.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a highly regarded skill at Illawarra Christian School. As well as regular classroom opportunities to hone their skills, students are selected each year to compete in the South Coast Public Speaking competition.

UOW Science Fair

The Science Fair encourages the development of both research and communication skills as students showcase the results of their own scientific research projects at UOW. Students also benefit from speaking about their projects with professionals from the university and from industry.

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