Secondary School (7–12)

Getting set up for life

A vibrant and relevant educational environment provides rich learning opportunities which equip our students for both current and future life experiences.
Secondary School

An exciting time of personal change

In partnership with parents, teachers at Illawarra Christian School are passionate about nurturing our students through this exciting time of personal change.

Learning opportunities

Years 7–10 (Stages 4 and 5)

Our students are engaged in a diverse range of learning opportunities that allow us to care for their emotional, social, physical, spiritual and intellectual development as they grow in their understanding of who they are in God’s world.

They are trained to develop resilience when they face challenges and to embrace disappointments as opportunities to learn and grow. During this important stage of personal growth, we provide a positive environment where students are encouraged to value each other and to treat those around them with kindness and respect.

Elective subjects in practical, academic, creative and technical fields cater for a wide range of abilities and interests. Students have the opportunity to select either one-year or two-year courses. We celebrate each individual’s pursuit of personal excellence in academic learning and run a cumulative program of seminars that equip students with effective study skills. The needs of both enrichment students and students with special needs are met as we focus on caring for each individual. Critical thinking, collaborative learning and technology are prioritised as essential elements in preparing our students for their futures.

Additional opportunities for engagement in sporting, creative, technical and practical fields are available, and the camping program proves to be a highlight each year. Extracurricular activities in junior secondary school include public speaking competitions, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program, the da Vinci Decathlon, STEM projects, and special Mathematics and Science events.

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Electives and HSC Prep

Years 11–12 (Stage 6)

Our senior students are challenged to be genuine in their faith, diligent in their studies and positive in their engagement with the school community. These two final school years see them empowered to move forward into life beyond school with confidence and maturity.

A wide range of electives allows students to pursue personal interests and strengths in their HSC courses, and all Extension 1 and 2 subjects are available for study. Small classes allow for close individual attention and build student confidence, and study days provide opportunities for students to consolidate effective study habits. In our classrooms we foster a love for learning, encourage mutual support and cooperation, and value respect for each other. We encourage and celebrate the achievement of personal excellence for all students.

Our mentor program ensures that all students are given individual care as they negotiate the challenges of commitment to their senior studies and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We aim to nurture our senior students as they develop the resilience, organisation and perseverance needed to succeed in the specific challenges of the HSC as well as the broader challenges that lie ahead. Many students enjoy opportunities provided for leadership, and sport, camps and excursions continue to be vital elements in the senior experience.

This is an exciting stage where students are prepared to reflect on our world in an intelligent and thoughtful way so that they might be equipped to be faithful servants of God as lifelong learners. We strive to challenge and inspire our students so that they might leave our community secure in their value and purpose in Christ, excited about bringing God’s truth and hope to the world, and sufficiently humble and confident to engage meaningfully with the world God has made.

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