Learning & Support

Primary School (K-6)

Illawarra Christian School provides a safe place for children to explore their world, to challenge themselves, to learn from their mistakes and to think critically.
Kindergarten - Year 2

We strive to make the first years of school fun and engaging with a focus on developing resilience and independence in each child. In these early years, our students enjoy discovering God’s world as they are guided in their exploration through exciting learning experiences. This is a time for building confidence and growing independence. Learning in K–2 is fun and engaging.

We understand that starting school well is a crucial step in a child’s development. Our small class sizes and caring community mean children are known and cared for in an individual and personal way, with teachers adapting expectations, content and processes to optimise the learning experience for each child. 

In these crucial early years we ensure a deliberate focus on:

  • strong foundations in literacy and numeracy in our classrooms 
  • learning support and enrichment teams who partner with class teachers 
  • providing additional support and opportunities for the children within and beyond the classroom 
  • parent partnership that is crucial in the day-to-day life of our school and integral to our ethos

K–2 at Illawarra Christian School provides a safe place for children to explore their world, to challenge themselves, to learn from their mistakes and to think critically. Students are involved in stimulating excursions, sporting events, a choice of extracurricular activities, and arts and cultural endeavours, all while being supported in a friendly environment with a Christian worldview.

The Prep–12 context provides special opportunities for our infants children, who enjoy connecting with their younger Prep friends and also experience the joy of building relationships with their Year 12 buddies. These formative years are immeasurably important as our young students learn to be kind and respectful in their social interactions, diligent and cooperative in their learning, and collaborative and thoughtful in their work with others.

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Years 3-6

With a Christ-centred curriculum, dedicated teachers, parent partnership and a focus on catering for each student’s individual needs and abilities, our primary students engage in stimulating learning experiences that support their growth during these vital years.

Our learning community thrives on: 

  • a differentiated curriculum 
  • positive relationships 
  • encouragement 
  • dynamic and passionate educators who foster a love for learning, sparking curiosity and wonder in our students 
  • authentic experiences
  • exposure to a wide range of disciplines. 

Our students are supported in their learning and extended in their thinking. Specialist programs involving STEM, Japanese, enrichment groups and learning support provide rich and expansive learning opportunities for our students. The teaching of literacy and numeracy skills continues to be a fundamental priority during these primary years.

At Illawarra Christian School we encourage a growth mindset which nurtures resilience and promotes positive attitudes towards learning. Teachers engage with their students through direct teaching strategies, collaborative and exploratory learning methods, and design processes. They care for individual student needs as they partner with parents and are supported by learning support and enrichment staff.

Leadership opportunities, a comprehensive creative arts program and awareness-raising events for charities empower our students to develop a servant-hearted attitude in their relationships with others. Community engagement is key, and involvement in the global community is encouraged as students develop an outward-focused, biblical perspective of the world. Stage 3 is an exciting time as we work within the broader school community to prepare our students for a smooth transition into secondary school.

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